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Icynene Classic™ (LD-C-50®)
Our flagship Icynene Classic (LD-C-50®) product has been used in thousands of residential and commercial projects across North America since 1986 making the Icynene name synonymous with superior-quality spray foam insulation.

• One-step insulation and air sealing
• Open-cell, low-density 0.5 lb.
• R-value = 3.7 per inch
• Soft, flexible composition
• < 5% water absorption
• 100% water-blown, HFC- and PBDE-free

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Icynene Classic Max™ (LD-C-50-v2)
Icynene has more that 25 years of experience and understanding of open-cell spray foam technology to introduce Icynene Classic Max™ - a product that eliminates the requirements for an ignition barrier in residential application.

• Ignition barrier free – including the unvented attic
• Higher yield
• Open-cell low density 0.5 lb.
• 100% water blown
• R-Value 3.7 per inch
• Superior adhesion – improved adhesion to all substrates and to itself

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Icynene MD-C-200™ Icynene’s leading closed-cell spray foam insulation product, MD-C-200™ is an air-impermeable product with a built-in vapor retarder. MD-C-200™ is suitable in a variety of climate zones and applications.

• One-step insulation and air sealing
• Closed-cell, medium-density 2.0 lb.
• R-value = 6.75 per inch
• Rigid, not flexible composition
• Rejects bulk water
• HFC- and PBDE-free

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CELL-PAK cellulose insulation is blown into your attic and walls to form a protective, air tight blanket. Since cellulose is more versatile and maneuverable, it seals around plumbing and electrical outlets to form an air tight fit. It also proves a better R-value per inch in the attic. This provides a more effective and cost efficient protection. Cell-Pak insulation is the best investment a homeowner will never see. It virtually eliminates air infiltration into your home. Cell-Pak Advantage and Supreme are high-quality, high-efficiency insulation designed to protect your home and potentially save you thousands of dollars on energy bills.

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CertainTeed - a leading manufacturer of fiber glass insulation, produces insulation products with all the thermal, acoustical and energy-saving features you need. All CertainTeed fiber glass insulation products are made with the highest quality standards in the industry. CertainTeed is one of America's leading producers of fiber glass insulation used in Residential, Commercial, and Mechanical/HVAC markets for both new and existing homes and buildings. Our product line includes fiber glass batts, blankets, blowing products, fiber glass insulation for HVAC duct systems and MemBrain® - The Smart Vapor Retarder. Our insulation products have achieved GREENGUARD® Certification for superior indoor air quality (IAQ) performance.

BASF - ELASTOCOAT® 1500 - Ignition Barrier for Attics and Crawlspaces. ELASTOCOAT® 1500 coating is an ignition barrier coating for interior spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation. ELASTOCOAT® 1500 is a water-based latex system that cures within 24 hours. This coating provides a long-term protective shield whose only purpose is to prevent the direct impingement of a flame source on the spray polyurethane foam surface. ELASTOCOAT® 1500 has been designed specifically as a protective coating over BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises® 178 Series closed-cell nominal 2.0 lb/cu.ft. density spray polyurethane foams. This product has been successfully tested (SwRI 99-02) as an ignition barrier protective coating over spray foam insulation in non-living-space environments, such as crawl spaces and uninhabited attic areas of residential and commercial structures.

Technical Data Sheet
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